Can you break the fourth wall in these things? Fuck it, I’m going to do it anyways. So as you know toxic masculinity is a BIG problem, especially in America. It has been weighing  me down with extreme guilt, I’m a privileged white male, how could I not feel guilty?! It has driven me to the point of extreme depression and suicidal thoughts, I figured it would be better for all of those who are not cis-white males if I was six feet under :(. Playing football, chasing women, and other typical boy stuff is a thing of the past, it’s all about gender fluidity and feminism  now-a-days, and who am I to stop progress? So as I prepare my noose, (Ironically the same one I used to strangle the underprivileged citizens of society) and write my goodbye letter, I decided to surf the internet one last time for shits and giggles (aka to watch hentai). Along my journey to find the golden nut, I come across an article by Vice. In this article they explained a social phenomena called “big dick energy”, long story short they explained big dick energy as this sort of confidence that someone has, an energy if you will, that is not connected to dick size or even being a male. After reading that enlightening piece of useful journalism, I came to a revelation. In my revelation I understood that I could embrace the true masculinity that lies within me, without actually embracing it. (Sure you could say that I am just another individual that follows group thought and social trends, devoiding me of any sense of humanity and freedom, but that would make you a bigot.) As I kept expanding on this idea, I came to the conclusion that I don’t need to commit suicide. As long as I have big dick energy, I could turn my masculinity into a non-conforming gender identity that embraces all, and society would love me for it! Wow I thought to myself, I was able to fill a void imposed on me by society (my privilege guilt), by allowing society to determine how I should behave as a man and calling that self-confidence. Through this ordeal I have learned that nothing is better than having an inflated sense of confidence and self-worth, that I gain from external

Posted by Nico Crawford

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